Early Senior Portrait Reservations

Because of the vast amount of time I spend on my outdoor senior portraits I am scheduling only 25 OUTDOOR Senior Portrait Sessions this year.

To reserve a date is easy. It just requires that the session fee be paid and pick out a date.

I am strongly encouraging seniors who wish to have their senior portrait taken by me to schedule a date right away.

There are a number of reasons to do so.

1.  You get to pick out a prime-time date for your pics (see below about “Which Date Is Best”).

2.  I am looking for juniors to photograph over the winter/spring to try out new art techniques and equipment. Many juniors who reserve early (depending on how many early reservations I have) will be asked to model for me. These portraits will be made available to you as part of your senior portrait selection. So, models will end up getting two shoots for the price of one. These “off season art portraits” have a lot of extra finishing work done that will cost others a premium.

3.   You get to have your senior portrait taken by the photographer you really want.


When Is The Best Time To Have Senior Portraits Taken? 

May and June are the best months for outdoor portraits. The temperature is cooler, lower humidity, less wind and we can shoot later in the evening (longer days) which is the absolute best time of the day to shoot.

In May we have blossoms and wildflowers wherever you look.

In June everything is still a beautiful green. In July & August everything starts turning brown and loses color.

Naturally, we'll photograph you whenever you want but do suggest the earlier the better.

Most seniors think the best time of the year to have their outdoor portraits taken is late summer or early fall. This is not correct. Why? Because of the heat, high humidity and wind.

You’ll take much better photos when you’re more comfortable and you don't have mother nature interfering. 

We just want to capture you at your very best!

To reserve one of the 25 spots for yourself please call me at 561-4550. Full details of how the reservation system works will be answered at that time.