Ken Brodeur

From my late teens until my mid 30's I made my living as a professional photographer in Plattsburgh, NY.  For 12 years I owned the most highly regarded and cutting edge photography studio specializing in weddings and portraits. The studio's name was Photo Royale Studios and was the place to go for professional photography.

I've had a pretty in-depth photography career from being a wedding photographer's apprentice when I was 18 to a photographer in the Air Force to the extensive training I continued to pursue during my time operating Photo Royale Studios by some of the best wedding and portrait photographers in the country.

Eventually, I decided to venture into different business interests. A handful of years ago, the photography bug bit me again and I've become totally immersed in learning how to be even more creative in the digital photography age and once again making my photography the most renowned in the area. 

On January 1, 2015, I purchased Blair & Webber Photography. Recently, I've branched out with my own name once again and I'm having the time of my life returning to my photographic "roots" back in the studio where I belong.

Thanks for stopping by!