Why Ken Brodeur Photography?

You'll have a really fun photo shoot. Ken will bring out the "inner model" in you and make you look as good or better than you do on your very best day.

Ken is an award winning professional photographer with over 40 years experience who knows how to pose and light you to make as flattering a portrait as possible.

We've been told many times that our senior portraits are much more natural, unique, better retouched and less expensive than those taken by other studios.


Your Personalized Sitting!

Your sitting includes as many clothing choices that you can fit into our time period.  You can also have some photos taken with a friend, family member or a pet at no additional charge.  We encourage you to personalize your senior portrait as much as you want such as incorporating into your photos a hobby, musical instrument, something dear to you, anything you want! You'll be consulted with as to best the choices for clothing, makeup, colors and accessories.


Location & Studio Sittings

Your portrait can be photographed in the studio, on location or at your home. A very popular option is at your home where you have all your clothing choices and personal stuff. You'd be surprised how we can make a beautiful background out of nothing at all.


Making You Look Even Better

Many of our portrait sessions include a makeup session with our own professional makeup artist.


Are My Photos Retouched?

Of course. Your photos will be professionally retouched but you will not look like you've had botox injections, plastic surgery or getting ready for your wake.


What Do Portraits Cost?

ANYONE can afford us! Session fees start at just $99 with packages from $199. You don't HAVE to invest a lot with us, but once you see the images we create, you'll gladly want to!

We'll discuss ALL prices and options at your Pre-Portrait Consultation (no charge).


If You Can't Afford Senior Portraits

I know there are some families who just cannot afford senior portraits. I don't want to see any student not have a professional portrait of this "life moment". If this is the case for you please call me and I will make sure you have a senior portrait you'll be proud of and at no cost.



·       100% Satisfaction Guarantee Full refund if you’re not 100% thrilled with your sitting

·       Free Family Portrait Sitting (later in the year) included with all Senior Portraits ($100 value)