Brand New! Senior Portrait Home Shoots

We are offering senior portraits sessions done at your home! Why at your home? Because you'll have access to all your clothes and anything else you'd like to incorporate into your photos to personalize them and make them your own.

ANY home can be used to get great background settings for your photos. You do not need to have a palatial mansion with a manicured landscape. We have the experience, the equipment and the eye to turn ordinary into extraordinary.

Plus, all our home location shoots include our makeup artist (at no additional charge) who travels to your home, too.

Don't believe us? Take a look at the pairs of photos below. The first photo is the finished portrait and the second is a "pull back" shot showing the location where it was taken

This gorgeous photo has a beautiful background.

And this is where it was shot at.

This portrait looks almost like it was taken in the studio

When in fact it was taken here on her back porch

Sadie wanted a portrait with one of her father's restored cars that was very special to her

And she got it

It takes years of experience to create something this beautiful

From something this ordinary

This was photographed next door to Brittany's home. She wanted a photo at a place that she spent a lot of time at as a young girl.

There are many opportunities inside your home to (and to modify a title of an old Air Supply song) Making Something ...

Out of Nothing At All

At Alison's home we were able to color coordinate her clothing to the scene

For a truly unique and outstanding senior portrait you'll love forever ...

It's Ken Brodeur Photography where "there truly is a difference"

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