The cost of a professional portrait is based on the skill of the portrait artist.

It is not different than hiring an artist to paint your portrait. We do it with a camera and light instead of a brush.

Anyone with zero training and a camera (and many do) call themselves a "professional photographer" as our industry is not regulated nor licensed.

Thus, you have a plethora of photographers who take "pictures" but very few who can create a portrait.

A true portrait artist knows how to use lighting and posing to enhance attributes that should be enhanced and diminish attributes that the subject would prefer not to feature (extra curves, large nose, lazy eye, extra chin, etc. plus knows how to get the subject comfortable and natural looking even if they "hate to have their picture taken".

Even a person who is "model" perfect has to have the professional's touch in order to bring out their beauty or handsomeness to the fullest. It's super easy to add 10 pounds, elongate a nose, make arms and legs larger, etc. through improper posing and lighting.

In a nutshell we know how to make you look your very best and enhance your self esteem like no one else can.

If you were going to get facial plastic surgery would you seek out the cheapest plastic surgeon who works out of their house?

Would their less expensive price really be a "good deal" for you?

The total time involved in taking a portrait is much more than most people realize.

My typical outdoor senior portrait time involves a lot: First, providing you with clothing & color suggestions. Loading the car to the brim with camera equipment, charging batteries, etc. 30 minutes. Driving to the location 30 minutes. Setting up equipment 15 minutes. My makeup artist applying makeup 1 hour. Taking the actual photographs 2.5 to 3 hours. Packing up the car and driving back to studio 45 minutes. Unpacking 15 minutes. Getting proofs ready 1 hour. Presenting the photos and taking your order 1.5 hours. Retouching and ordering the prints 1 hour minimum. Total time 10 hours. A typical studio portrait totals about half this time.

Based on our average sale I charge less per hour than you pay your plumber or mechanic and I provide you with memories that will last a lifetime

Photographers charge what their quality allows them to.

I know that not everyone can afford us and we understand that. But for just a little bit more than others charge we provide you with so much more.

If you would like more information please call me at 518.561.4550. For our price list click here we will email it to you.